I had the BEST engagement session EVER!!! Brittany & Andy’s session started off in a bean field behind their house on a beautiful fall day and we ended up at the home of the Detroit Tigers: Commerica Park in Detroit, MI for their baseball stadium engagement session. I am SO excited to show off these two love birds: they are PERFECT!!!

PhotosByYvonne-104 PhotosByYvonne-110 PhotosByYvonne-116 PhotosByYvonne-128 PhotosByYvonne-129 PhotosByYvonne-134 PhotosByYvonne-136 PhotosByYvonne-140 PhotosByYvonne-141 PhotosByYvonne-142 PhotosByYvonne-143 PhotosByYvonne-145 PhotosByYvonne-146 PhotosByYvonne-147 PhotosByYvonne-150 PhotosByYvonne-158 PhotosByYvonne-160 PhotosByYvonne-163 PhotosByYvonne-165 PhotosByYvonne-168 PhotosByYvonne-175 PhotosByYvonne-178 PhotosByYvonne-187 PhotosByYvonne-201 PhotosByYvonne-202 PhotosByYvonne-203 PhotosByYvonne-210 PhotosByYvonne-211 PhotosByYvonne-212 PhotosByYvonne-217 PhotosByYvonne-218

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Love Wins!!!! Marriage Equality is in North Carolina


MI Wedding Photographer-124

love is love


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Shaheera & Shoaib had a 2 day Indian Wedding in June. Day one was a Henna Party at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy, MI. What amazing colors!! I have never seen anything like this! I think more weddings should be this bright & colorful! There were many rituals and dancing and of course a henna party, all of which was very relaxed. Day two’s wedding reception was at Crystal Gardens in Southgate, MI. This was extremely formal and very ceremonial… and BEAUTIFUL!!! Shaheera and Shoaib wanted their formal bride and groom portraits taken at the GM Renissance Center in Detroit, MI  so we went there before the reception & ceremony at Crystal Gardens. Unlike most weddings I have photographed, this one was an arranged marriage by their families. Both of them are very proud of their culture and are very much in love. My wish for them is continued love, prosperity and a lot of adorable babies!

Flowers by: Lamas Florist

Makeup by: Amanie

Enjoy their amazing wedding photos!

Afzal-Shakeel-124-rev Afzal-Shakeel-125-rev Afzal-Shakeel-130 Afzal-Shakeel-145 Afzal-Shakeel-149 Afzal-Shakeel-157 Afzal-Shakeel-158 Afzal-Shakeel-170 Afzal-Shakeel-182 Afzal-Shakeel-194 Afzal-Shakeel-197 Afzal-Shakeel-198 Afzal-Shakeel-201 Afzal-Shakeel-207 Afzal-Shakeel-235 Afzal-Shakeel-245 Afzal-Shakeel-263 Afzal-Shakeel-264 Afzal-Shakeel-290 Afzal-Shakeel-297 Afzal-Shakeel-316 Afzal-Shakeel-324 Afzal-Shakeel-325 Afzal-Shakeel-402 Afzal-Shakeel-407 Afzal-Shakeel-408 Afzal-Shakeel-420 Afzal-Shakeel-485 Afzal-Shakeel-501 Afzal-Shakeel-515 Afzal-Shakeel-525 Afzal-Shakeel-530 Afzal-Shakeel-532 Afzal-Shakeel-535 Afzal-Shakeel-542 Afzal-Shakeel-545 Afzal-Shakeel-564 Afzal-Shakeel-590 Afzal-Shakeel-607 Afzal-Shakeel-624 Afzal-Shakeel-645 Afzal-Shakeel-648 Afzal-Shakeel-658 Afzal-Shakeel-696 Afzal-Shakeel-706 Afzal-Shakeel-725 Afzal-Shakeel-726 Afzal-Shakeel-765 Afzal-Shakeel-805 Afzal-Shakeel-936 Afzal-Shakeel-953 Afzal-Shakeel-1041 Afzal-Shakeel-1044 Afzal-Shakeel-1047 Afzal-Shakeel-1049 Afzal-Shakeel-1090 Afzal-Shakeel-1108 Afzal-Shakeel-1111 Afzal-Shakeel-1112 Afzal-Shakeel-1113 Afzal-Shakeel-1121 Afzal-Shakeel-1127 Afzal-Shakeel-1138 Afzal-Shakeel-1145 Afzal-Shakeel-1162 Afzal-Shakeel-1165 Afzal-Shakeel-1172 Afzal-Shakeel-1173 Afzal-Shakeel-1177 Afzal-Shakeel-1184 Afzal-Shakeel-1191 Afzal-Shakeel-1203 Afzal-Shakeel-1205 Afzal-Shakeel-1219 Afzal-Shakeel-1220 Afzal-Shakeel-1224 Afzal-Shakeel-1226 Afzal-Shakeel-1228 Afzal-Shakeel-1232 Afzal-Shakeel-1254 Afzal-Shakeel-1257 Afzal-Shakeel-1266 Afzal-Shakeel-1268 Afzal-Shakeel-1271 Afzal-Shakeel-1306 Afzal-Shakeel-1311 Afzal-Shakeel-1316 Afzal-Shakeel-1331 Afzal-Shakeel-1335 Afzal-Shakeel-1341 Afzal-Shakeel-1342 Afzal-Shakeel-1348 Afzal-Shakeel-1350 Afzal-Shakeel-1353 Afzal-Shakeel-1356 Afzal-Shakeel-1359 Afzal-Shakeel-1364 Afzal-Shakeel-1372 Afzal-Shakeel-1375 Afzal-Shakeel-1376 Afzal-Shakeel-1377 Afzal-Shakeel-1380 Afzal-Shakeel-1383 Afzal-Shakeel-1387 Afzal-Shakeel-1392 Afzal-Shakeel-1394 Afzal-Shakeel-1398 Afzal-Shakeel-1403 Afzal-Shakeel-1405 Afzal-Shakeel-1408 Afzal-Shakeel-1413 Afzal-Shakeel-1421 Afzal-Shakeel-1428 Afzal-Shakeel-1437 Afzal-Shakeel-1441 Afzal-Shakeel-1443 Afzal-Shakeel-1446 Afzal-Shakeel-1449 Afzal-Shakeel-1454 Afzal-Shakeel-1480 Afzal-Shakeel-1483 Afzal-Shakeel-1484 Afzal-Shakeel-1487 Afzal-Shakeel-1488 Afzal-Shakeel-1525 Afzal-Shakeel-1531 Afzal-Shakeel-1535 Afzal-Shakeel-1536 Afzal-Shakeel-1562 Afzal-Shakeel-1575 Afzal-Shakeel-1602 Afzal-Shakeel-1610 Afzal-Shakeel-1680 Afzal-Shakeel-1768 Afzal-Shakeel-1771 Afzal-Shakeel-1774 Afzal-Shakeel-1808 Afzal-Shakeel-1829 Afzal-Shakeel-1847 Afzal-Shakeel-1869 Afzal-Shakeel-1912 Afzal-Shakeel-1930 Afzal-Shakeel-1936

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David & Erin are awesome!!! They are the sweetest couple I have ever met, they came to my parents funeral for support before they even booked me as their photographer. Who does that? Super awesome people, that’s who! David & Erin had such a unique wedding and I was excited when they asked me to document it! They were married at The Toledo Zoo in the Arctic Encounter Exhibit: the polar bears & seals were on the guest list along with 50 close friends and family. I LOVE small weddings!!! Don’t get me wrong: big weddings are super fun but small weddings are waaay more intimate & relaxed. This was the perfect wedding to start out my wedding season. David is a Graphic Designer: he designed the uber cool invites! I love how the green is carried through Erin’s bouquet! Erin is a college professor in English and they wrote their own vows. Davids vows made everyone cry because they were so beautifully written!!! AMAZING is all I can say! They are a blended family and beautifully blended they are! Much love to them as they continue on their journey of life. All of their wedding pictures can be viewed here: David & Erin’s wedding photos

Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy :)

PhotosByYvonne-124 PhotosByYvonne-133 PhotosByYvonne-138 PhotosByYvonne-139 PhotosByYvonne-142 PhotosByYvonne-144 PhotosByYvonne-149 PhotosByYvonne-155 PhotosByYvonne-159 PhotosByYvonne-162 PhotosByYvonne-171 PhotosByYvonne-174 PhotosByYvonne-179 PhotosByYvonne-180 PhotosByYvonne-184 PhotosByYvonne-187 PhotosByYvonne-192 PhotosByYvonne-193 PhotosByYvonne-194 PhotosByYvonne-196 PhotosByYvonne-197 PhotosByYvonne-200 PhotosByYvonne-201 PhotosByYvonne-204 PhotosByYvonne-211 PhotosByYvonne-220 PhotosByYvonne-223 PhotosByYvonne-232 PhotosByYvonne-237 PhotosByYvonne-239 PhotosByYvonne-246 PhotosByYvonne-248 PhotosByYvonne-252 PhotosByYvonne-255 PhotosByYvonne-262 PhotosByYvonne-264 PhotosByYvonne-266 PhotosByYvonne-267 PhotosByYvonne-274 PhotosByYvonne-303

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Our BNI Chapter Platinum Partners got together and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of our dear friend & chapter member Jennifer Reynolds Wenzke. Home City Ice donated the ice. Dede Ruckman organized it :) Check out the bottom of the buckets – so cute!!! We are super blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people!!!


ALS ice bucket-9796 ALS ice bucket-9799 ALS ice bucket-9808 ALS ice bucket-9810 ALS ice bucket-9812 ALS ice bucket-9813 ALS ice bucket-9814 ALS ice bucket-9815 ALS ice bucket-9816 ALS ice bucket-9820 ALS ice bucket-9821 ALS ice bucket-9822 ALS ice bucket-9823 ALS ice bucket-9824 ALS ice bucket-9825

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I had been blessed with amazing clients this year and some pretty AMAZING weddings so far! This is one of them: Micha & Nikki were married at Crosspoint Christian Church in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. They had such a beautiful day for a wedding!!! Nikki & Micha had their bridal party & formal portrait session at the Wolcott Mill in Ray, MI. This place was more gorgeous than I thought, and we had a lot of fun here as well. Nikki’s friend has a De Soto Sedan and he drove them around in it for their wedding… what a cool ride!!! To top off their uber beautiful wedding, the reception was held at a barn at the Laren Andrus Octogon House in Washington, MI. Wow!!!! They had the best of both worlds = rustic barn with vintage flair – a prefect combo. We were able to go inside the Octogon House and take some formal portraits in the spiral staircase.

Flowers  & decorations – Nikki did them herself

Make Up – Shuston Vincent

DJ – Pro DJ Services – Jessie was SO FUN!!!

Enjoy their wedding photos!

Caputo-Leong-110 Caputo-Leong-112 Caputo-Leong-119 Caputo-Leong-138 Caputo-Leong-142 Caputo-Leong-149 Caputo-Leong-152 Caputo-Leong-175 Caputo-Leong-182 Caputo-Leong-187 Caputo-Leong-192 Caputo-Leong-251 Caputo-Leong-260 Caputo-Leong-265 Caputo-Leong-267 Caputo-Leong-269 Caputo-Leong-284 Caputo-Leong-289 Caputo-Leong-294 Caputo-Leong-300 Caputo-Leong-303 Caputo-Leong-310 Caputo-Leong-311 Caputo-Leong-312 Caputo-Leong-313 Caputo-Leong-314 Caputo-Leong-315 Caputo-Leong-353 Caputo-Leong-358 Caputo-Leong-364 Caputo-Leong-368 Caputo-Leong-369 Caputo-Leong-373 Caputo-Leong-377 Caputo-Leong-379 Caputo-Leong-381 Caputo-Leong-387 Caputo-Leong-394 Caputo-Leong-407 Caputo-Leong-456 Caputo-Leong-461 Caputo-Leong-463 Caputo-Leong-549 Caputo-Leong-556 Caputo-Leong-575 Caputo-Leong-576 Caputo-Leong-579 Caputo-Leong-603 Caputo-Leong-607 Caputo-Leong-612 Caputo-Leong-623 Caputo-Leong-675 Caputo-Leong-693 Caputo-Leong-699 Caputo-Leong-712 Caputo-Leong-724 Caputo-Leong-730 Caputo-Leong-732 Caputo-Leong-737 Caputo-Leong-738 Caputo-Leong-739 Caputo-Leong-740 Caputo-Leong-752 Caputo-Leong-758 Caputo-Leong-765 Caputo-Leong-779 Caputo-Leong-784 Caputo-Leong-788 Caputo-Leong-794 Caputo-Leong-802 Caputo-Leong-804 Caputo-Leong-807 Caputo-Leong-835 Caputo-Leong-836 Caputo-Leong-841 Caputo-Leong-852 Caputo-Leong-863 Caputo-Leong-871 Caputo-Leong-896 Caputo-Leong-928 Caputo-Leong-936 Caputo-Leong-944 Caputo-Leong-945 Caputo-Leong-951 Caputo-Leong-952 Caputo-Leong-956 Caputo-Leong-957 Caputo-Leong-959 Caputo-Leong-972 Caputo-Leong-976 Caputo-Leong-977 Caputo-Leong-978 Caputo-Leong-979 Caputo-Leong-981 Caputo-Leong-995 Caputo-Leong-999 Caputo-Leong-1008 Caputo-Leong-1013 Caputo-Leong-1024 Caputo-Leong-1044 Caputo-Leong-1053 Caputo-Leong-1061 Caputo-Leong-1076 Caputo-Leong-1119 Caputo-Leong-1145 Caputo-Leong-1164 Caputo-Leong-1167 Caputo-Leong-1170 Caputo-Leong-1172 Caputo-Leong-1191 Caputo-Leong-1233 Caputo-Leong-1392

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I have a new outlook on life… I’m sure you already read my last post “what a long strange trip it’s been” and thought  “wowzas!” to yourself. My thought process “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “my tears and stepping stones for the future”. I am truly blessed to have an AMAZING husband, son and circle of friends – you are all my rocks and I couldn’t have made it through that crazy storm without you!!! Through all my hardships I was able to reconnect with an old dear friend that has 2 boys my son’s age – pretty cool!!! And then we took on an amazing family vacation to St. Thomas. While we were there we didn’t go anywhere – just chilled out: snorkeled, floated, built sandcastles, ate amazing food and made some awesome new friends. Keep your fingers crossed for me: I am speaking with the wedding coordinator in St. Thomas!!!!

Now that we are back and wedding season is in full swing I wanted to take a step back and re-live our St. Thomas experience.

I am thankful for all my beautiful and wonderful clients! I feel extremely grateful for the most beautiful weddings I have ever photographed this season. Seriously! I am SUPER EXCITED to have all of them on my blog by the end of this summer!!!

Here are some images I was able to capture in St. Thomas. Enjoy!

St Thomas-0594 St Thomas-0595 St Thomas-0607 St Thomas-0611 St Thomas-0620 St Thomas-0621 St Thomas-0635 St Thomas-0636 St Thomas-0638 St Thomas-0648 St Thomas-0653 St Thomas-0656 St Thomas-0679 St Thomas-0680 St Thomas-0688 St Thomas-0695 St Thomas-0713 St Thomas-0727 St Thomas-0728 St Thomas-0732 St Thomas-0754 St Thomas-0756 St Thomas-0762 St Thomas-0769 St Thomas-0779 St Thomas-0788 St Thomas-0789 St Thomas-0791 St Thomas-0795 St Thomas-0798 St Thomas-0804 St Thomas-0806 St Thomas-0807 St Thomas-0832 St Thomas-0848 St Thomas-0851 St Thomas-0868 St Thomas-0870 St Thomas-0882 St Thomas-0925 St Thomas-0944 St Thomas-0961 St Thomas-0970 St Thomas-0971 St Thomas-0976 St Thomas-0999 St Thomas-1000 St Thomas-1003 St Thomas-1004 St Thomas-1007 St Thomas-1010 St Thomas-1014 St Thomas-1016 St Thomas-1019 St Thomas-1022 St Thomas-1023 St Thomas-1024 St Thomas-1030 St Thomas-1038 St Thomas-1049 St Thomas-1070 St Thomas-1072 St Thomas-1075 St Thomas-1086 St Thomas-1088 St Thomas-1092 St Thomas-1095 St Thomas-1105 St Thomas-1111 St Thomas-1123 St Thomas-1124 St Thomas-1126 St Thomas-1127 St Thomas-1135 St Thomas-1143 St Thomas-1147 St Thomas-1150 St Thomas-1166 St Thomas-1174 St Thomas-1176 St Thomas-1178 St Thomas-1196 St Thomas-1210 St Thomas-1216 St Thomas-1217 St Thomas-1226 St Thomas-1231 St Thomas-1240 St Thomas-1245 St Thomas-1246 St Thomas-1250 St Thomas-1252 St Thomas-1259 St Thomas-1269 St Thomas-1278 St Thomas-1280 St Thomas-1283 St Thomas-1285 St Thomas-1296 St Thomas-1313 St Thomas-1332 St Thomas-1334 St Thomas-1340 St Thomas-1344 St Thomas-1346 St Thomas-1356 St Thomas-1362 St Thomas-1369 St Thomas-1372 St Thomas-1377 St Thomas-1380 St Thomas-1382 St Thomas-1388 St Thomas-1408 St Thomas-1409 St Thomas-1413 St Thomas-1419 St Thomas-1420 St Thomas-1441 St Thomas-1442

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Jill said: | Jul 22, 2014 - 09:07:57 |

Awesome photos ~ It’s great you had such an incredible relaxing trip!

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Jennifer & Micah had their engagement session at the Detroit Public Library last winter. It was a fun afternoon getting to know them better and hearing all about their big day (coming this weekend!!!)  Here are some cute shots we took – enjoy!

Photos by Yvonne-215 Photos by Yvonne-242 Photos by Yvonne-292 Photos by Yvonne-369 Photos by Yvonne-379 Photos by Yvonne-401 Photos by Yvonne-426

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Super CUTE wedding invitation designed by the groom, David Cox for their wedding last month at The Toledo Zoo. I just love how the bright green color carries over into the lily bud!PhotosByYvonne-155

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I feel like I need to write this in order to get it all out…. in the summer of 2012 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer – 2 weeks after she FINALLY quit smoking on her own – it figures! You see, my Babcia (yes I am Polish :) died from lung cancer and my Dzia Dzia died from lung cancer, so her fate wasn’t too far from theirs.  Mom wanted her treatments at St. Anne’s hospital in Toledo, I’m guessing because it was close to their home and is considered a “cancer hospital”. When she was initially admitted, my 2.5 year old son was wearing sandals and playing in her hospital room “entertaining us”, I looked down on the floor and 1 inch away from his foot was a dirty needle!!! OMG I had a TOTAL conniption! I was SO freaked out that I was shaking!!! This how my nightmare started……………

So, we were dealing with chemo therapy sessions, educating ourselves on alternative medicines and all the other cancer terms. My dad was always a control freak, bi-polar, an alcoholic with a history of police reports of domestic disputes. But honestly, he wasn’t that all bad, 80% of the time he wasn’t bad to deal with – but he had his moments!! He was also a good man and a good provider. My mom was such a forgiving person (an enabling) and she always took him back and took care of him – no matter what he did. She had her own way of making him realize what he did and made him pay for it her own way. My dad got really weird with her cancer – lots of highs and lows = total bi polar! He was super loving one month and another month he refused to take her to her treatments, hid her purse, hid her pain meds and accused her of all sorts of craziness!  Knowing this, I freaked! I tried to get mom to move in with us so she could get proper care and a loving & healing environment but she wouldn’t leave him… summer went away and winter came and my dad chilled out and “came back to normal” and got back on track.

Everything was going well….. chemo treatments seemed to be taking care of the 3 tumors Mom had and prognosis was good. Mom felt good as well :)

The next spring, we (my husband Brian and my son Joe – now age 3) were at my parents house. It was Mothers Day, Mom and Joe were feeding the ducks at the creek that runs behind their house. Joe came running up to the house saying that “Babcia fell in the creek”.  When we got to her, she was face down in the mud but able to breathe – thank God! She apparently slipped with her flat shoe and took a dive. When we tried to get her up and on her feet, she seemed off. We got her in the house, I got her cleaned up and made sure she was okay. She was pretty embarrassed but grateful and assured me that she was okay.  A week later I was shooting a wedding, so Brian was home with Joe. My parents always stopped by to visit, they came by that day when I was working. Brian loved it because he had baby sitters and entertainment for Joe :) Brian told me that my mom fell in Joe’s room that day – she didn’t trip on a toy – she fell!!! He said her feet wouldn’t move and she was dead weight.  Apparently my dad didn’t want to call an ambulance. I called her the next day as soon as I found out and she seemed fine and said she was tired. The following week, Mom fell down the stairs and had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. My dad was living in denial at this point and was accusing her of “pill popping”.

That week was my 40th birthday and I was looking at all my accomplishments and setting future goals, I was not expecting a gift from the devil that year. Happy 40th Birthday – your mom has brain cancer!!!!  I was with her everyday at the hospital – just hanging out and cuddling, sometimes I would have Joe and sometimes I would go by myself. She had to undergo aggressive radiation treatments and my father went off on the deep end. I never saw him SO manic, paranoid, controlling and down right mean for NO reason. It was the worst year of my life, so far!!! It was the worst year of my mom’s life for sure!!! Yet, she still wouldn’t leave him to come live with us. I had to learn the game of the mentally ill and how the law protects them. I tried to have him attack me and have him arrested – so I could declare him incompetent. He wasn’t stupid and knew EXACTLY what I was doing. He stole a lot of money from Mom’s bank account abusing his Power of Attorney rights. It made me sick to my stomach! He threatened our family, close friends, he even poured Round-Up on their neighbors 50 year old grapes just because he could. He cornered a realtor in an empty house and gave her a good scare and yet no one did anything – didn’t even call the cops – so he got away with whatever he wanted! It was hell and my mom lived it and she never left him! I didn’t care what rumors & lies he was spreading about me. I knew I was a good person, I live by a good moral code and that anyone that knows me wouldn’t believe a word he said about me. And honestly, he made himself look bad! Anyone with half a brain could see he wasn’t all together there mentally. I remember when I would come to visit her, she would tell him to leave their house since it was her’s too because she wanted to visit with me. Nice, huh? That fall, she let me split all her hosta plants and I created a garden in front of my studio with them. I’m excited to see it this year for the 1st time and I will forever cherish it!!!

At this point, my moms cancer treatments were taking a major toll on her – obviously! Not just the cancer, but the mental abuse and overall nastiness she endured. My heart broke daily for her. She slept a lot and her appetite was way down. Her throat was burned from the radiation and could barely swallow water let alone eat anything – she grew weaker. It was now Thanksgiving and we had it at our house because of the amount of work involved. Mom was grateful she didn’t have to cook but insisted she bring a dish :) She brought my dad and no one said anything to him – it was SO awkward! I did give him a hug though, but I wasn’t prepared for “a conversation” with him. I had a lot to process and to forgive… I came to realize he was as sick as she was, just in a different way. He looked SO un-put-together – (is that a word???) My dad ALWAYS dressed well, not this time, not this winter. His depression took a toll on him. Christmas came and my mom INSISTED of having Christmas Eve dinner at their house – she didn’t want me to cook at all. My dad tried to apologize for his behavior for last summer but I still wasn’t prepared for that conversation and I definitely didn’t want to deal with it on Christmas (especially my mom’s last Christmas). I made the most of that Christmas with my mom – the best I could….

That January, Mom was back in the hospital. She fell down again, but this time she was stuck in between shelves for about 4 hours before my dad found her. Mom was an insomniac (this is where I get it from, I know this!) and went in the basement to do some laundry (might as well be useful at 3am, right?) my dad didn’t find her until he got up. An ambulance came and admitted her at St. Anne’s. This time I was prepared – or I thought I was! I was going to play the social worker/hospital game and get my mom away from my dad once and for all.. and give her proper care!!! While she was at the hospital taking all kinds of tests, she was eating like she never ate before. I was so glad her appetite was back! They admitted her for closer observation, I had lots of talks with her cancer doctors, family doctor and no one knew a thing! It was So frustrating!!!! At this point, I was prepared for that much needed conversation with my dad. I laid my heart out for him, told him I love him, told him I hated him for what he did to us & mom last summer. I also told him that I will do anything for them and I want to be part of the decision making process because I want what’s best for Mom. At that moment, I understood what true forgiveness was. Mom’s doctors said she needed a surgery to drain fluid from her brain and she needed to be in a nursing home afterward. A few days later they came to the conclusion that she was terminal and they were not going to seek any more treatments because of her quality of life would be compromised. My dad fell apart BIGTIME!!! I mean to the point that he made it all about him: “Poor Me” syndrome. At this point, my dad had a nursing home lined up for her – over my dead body was my mother going to a nursing home to die – she deserved the best! We invited her to live with us and she accepted :) Hospice came to our home and helped care for Mom.

Then the snow came….. and it snowed… and it snowed.. and it was beautiful! It was SO nice to drink coffee together  in the morning and we enjoyed each others company watching the beautiful snow! Mom soon realized that I am not the type to just sit down all day. I’m a worker: I make sure my family eats 3 home cooked (not processed food) meals a day, along with laundry, house stuff, a business to run and raising a 4 year old little boy. The fact that I don’t sit down until after the dinner dishes are done, drove her crazy! She understood, even though she forgot how much work it is to raise a family – she taught me well!!! My dad would come by for a visit and complain how bad the roads were, but at least he came and made an effort to be with his wife – even with his depression! My Ciocia (aunt) from New Jersey came to visit my mom for a week,  my dad stayed away during this time. My Ciocia endured  a lot of my dad’s antics last summer and was not kind to seeing him – and he knew it! So, he laid low, Mom didn’t even want to call him while she was with us – I think she just wanted Peace. While mom was with us (especially the week my Ciocia was here) Mom declined every day – God took something from her daily – balance, speech, you name it, every day was something else she lost. Mom was in a hospital bed in our living room by the end of the week when her sister’s visit was over. Every day she declined, her nutrition was good though – which kept her from getting bed sores. Her skin was awesome looking – even the nurses from Hospice would comment on how beautiful her skin was :) Hagan Daas White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream was a favorite of Mom’s and I made sure she had it often :)

Valentines Day came and we ate steaks on the grill for dinner and we didn’t hear from my dad. I remember thinking “I can’t believe he didn’t call her on Valentines Day”. Well, there was a reason for this…. Their neighbor called me that Saturday and said there was police all over their house………. I flew there (literally, I think I was doing 90 mph down Secor Rd) I found out about his suicide when I got there and the detective told me. Whoa!!!! I know this is all screwed up, but honestly I was relieved, and sad and angry but mostly relieved! He couldn’t hurt anyone anymore and I didn’t have to worry about him hurting Mom anymore. Is that messed up or what???  In my heart, I know if she was with him at this time he would have taken her life 1st. I am grateful I had the sense to get her away from him!!!

Mom declined and declined and declined. It got to the point that I had Spa Radio on Pandora Radio on for her, so her transition would be beautiful and she would be comfortable. She would not let go. I remember my dog barking at the back door every 10 minutes the Friday before she passed away. Super freaky, because no one was there but Sugar was in “protection mode” and she never left Mom’s side!!! That Saturday, her good friend came to sit with her all day and then I stayed up with her all night until 5:30 am. I finally went to bed because my most comfortable couch in the world wasn’t comfortable and I needed to lay down. Brian woke me up at 8:30 am and said she passed away.

I have a brother, I’m the responsible one and that’s okay. Well, he attacked me in front of some ladies after the funeral and that’s not okay. He is also bipolar and he self medicates – not a good combo! I don’t want to detail why he went crazy on me – it’s not important and is extremely petty. Something I wish to forget (and forgive) in time. During this horrible time, Brian’s dad (My father in-law) went in for emergency surgery in Naples, FL. He made it through the surgery, Brian’s sisters went down to Naples to be with him – thank God! He never progressed from the surgery, it was as if the grim reaper found him! Our world was crumbling all around. So, I thought 2013 was the worst year of my life – 2014 by far takes the cake of THE WORST YEAR EVER!


Something good HAS GOT to come from all of this, right??? Stay tuned to see what happens next!


thanks for letting me get this all out – I feel better!





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Sandy Pirwitz said: | Apr 23, 2014 - 08:04:27 |

What an emotional and harrowing story…I only knew about all the deaths you had to endure recently, but hearing about the background issues makes me so sad for you. I don’t believe in “luck,” but having Brian and Joe hopefully provide more than enough light to get you through all the darkness. You are a mighty strong woman, and I’m so proud to call you ‘friend.’ Sandy

EM said: | Apr 23, 2014 - 09:04:08 |

Yvonne, I am sitting here reading your story and I am seeing you in all this. I don’t know what happens next, but Lord knows it MUST be something BETTER. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone, like you said, it helps to get it out there. Whew. I’m your cheerleader sweetie, that’s for sure! Sending you a very warm hug….and hoping you can feel it.

Kate Schwartz said: | Apr 23, 2014 - 06:04:10 |

Love, Hugs and friendship!! I am here anytime you want to talk, vent or cry.. and I am usually up late! I am so very sorry for your losses, what a yucky year!
You are loved!

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